Flexible Digital Care Recording, Compliance and Policy Management for all service types.

Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) solution
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Our app's seven core modules meet your needs, with ready-to-use additional features.


User-friendly and exceptionally powerful

With Anchor App, you can effortlessly locate information without shifting through piles of paperwork. Coordinate all care activities around each person you support efficiently. Update notes instantly as care and support are delivered. Anchor App also flags any overdue activities, allowing them to be addressed immediately.


Record care at the point of delivery & wherever you are

Our app offers the ability to document and manage care information directly at the location and time of service, as well as from any location, using mobile or portable devices. This capability ensures real-time, accurate recording of data of people you support, enhancing the quality and continuity of care


All inclusive features
for supported living, care homes and outreach services

Form builder

Create customised assessment templates for resident health, abilities, and care needs, including medical history and daily activities

Real-time notification

Immediate alerts and updates delivered to the management team, or administrators regarding critical information related to service users' care

Manage files

Organise, store, and retrieve various types of documents related to staff, property and patient care and administrative processes.

Export files

Capability to extract or save documents and data from the app into various formats, such as PDF, Excel, or CSV..

Key Features of Incident and Accident Reporting in a Care Setting

Include predefined fields for capturing detailed information, such as date, time, location, involved individuals, and description of the event


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